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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2010

Backcountry Research is a U.S.-based manufacturer of minimalist saddlebag replacement straps. Products are available from select dealers in the U.S. or directly from the company via its online store.


The company's original Awesome Strap secured tube and tools to the seatpost. Since that time the designs have evolved substantially; today the company offers five distinct straps, affixed to seat rails, bottle cage, or top tube, and a handful of special-purpose accessories.


The straps are surprisingly effective, securing tube and tools, pump, or cartridges solidly through the roughest rides. A huge number of styles are available, from camo to Evel Knievel, with nearly fifty in between.


If you're looking for something to replace a rattly saddlebag, Backcountry Research may have just what you need. Check them out at your local shop or online.

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