Axiom Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:1988
Axiom : A self-evident or universally recognised truth; a maxim Established in 1988, Axiom was developed around a vision to create innovative, reliable, and affordable cycling components and accessories for a wide range of riders and budgets. Along the way we have built a comprehensive offering to help cyclists carry gear, stay dry, improve safety, solve problems and add style. We Ride As cyclists we recognise that any ride can be made better with the right equipment. Based along the Pacific Coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada, we have an ideal product development and testing ground. Our four-season riding environment offers a unique blend of demanding world-class mountain biking terrain, high-density urban commuting, and peaceful picturesque coastal touring all within minutes of our headquarters. The result is an inspirational proving ground for products we use every day in every kind of condition. Lifetime guarantee Continuous refinements to our products over years and thousands of miles of riding give us the confidence to back our Axiom Performance Gear with a Lifetime Guarantee. We have ensured that the design, materials, and construction will provide years of reliable performance and in the event that a product fails we will stand behind it. Sourcing and the Environment The greenest product is the one you don’t throw away! Long before it was fashionable to be green we were building sustainability into our products. It just makes sense to build products that can be adjusted and repaired over the years. That’s why our pumps can be disassembled and rebuilt, our bags come with replacement hardware, our racks are built to endure extreme loads and our fabrics are free of heavy metals and toxic dyes. Never standing still we continue to seek out ways to use environmentally sensitive processes and materials in our products and packaging. We work closely with our vendors to minimize the environmental impact of our actions. Our vendors are long term partners and friends. We visit them frequently, no matter where they are on the planet. We ensure they are workplaces that abide by their governments standards for labour and the environment but most importantly are businesses that treat their employees with respect and dignity. Axiom and You Axiom customers are a key part of our past and future. We value your experiences and feedback as riders. You are encouraged to share your comments, ideas, and stories through our "Contact Us" link. We appreciate your interest and support. Enjoy your ride!
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