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  • Nationality:Canada
  • Year Founded:2009

Atlas Brace Technologies Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of neck braces, armor, and accessories for motocross, supercross, downhill, freeride, and BMX racers. Atlas gear is available from distributors around the world.

Started in 2009 by a group of ex-motocross riders, Atlas, fittingly named after the topmost vertebra of the backbone, started with an innovative new brace for rider neck protection. Its excellent utility was a success on the pro circuit, kicking off the company's growth. Today Atlas' catalogue includes a number of braces for adult and youth racers, a complementary chest protector, spare parts and accessories.

The neck brace is ingenious. With flex designed in, the brace not only fits the rider comfortably, it eases impacts by absorbing a helmet strike over a span of time. Both front and rear are split, offering a measure of protection to sternum and spinal column. Strapping is very secure, and keeps both parts of the brace together in case of a more violent impact. All braces include an emergency release, allowing the brace to be removed without lifting over the head. Additional padding is included to fit the brace higher or lower, in accordance with the rider's helmet line.

The chest protector fits seamlessly with the brace, offering an utterly smooth contact face and smartly-distributed padding. The whole thing is waterproof, easily cleaned and never picking up water weight. Custom graphics are available.

Spare parts and accessories just about permit the construction of a full set of Atlas protective gear from its component parts. Multiple versions of the back support, a rainbow of colorful graphic options for almost every piece of armor available (the Carbon's graphics are, notably, muted), straps, a GoPro mount, hardware and straps, and even a bag for toting the brace are offered.

Atlas makes top-notch protective gear, with novel, effective designs. Check out the range at a shop nearby and improve your comfort and protection, all at once.

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