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  • Nationality:Sweden
  • Year Founded:2012

Ass Savers is a Swedish manufacturer of bicycle mudguards. From humble beginnings wih a cardboard prototype and a novel name, the company has grown steadily, to today's thriving company, with sales around the world and a number of effective, inexpensive products.

The original mudguard developed by Ass Savers, still available today, is a simple piece of plastic that holds on to the saddle rails and catches the majority of the spray coming off a rear wheel on wet-weather days. Today's catalogue includes several different sizes, a guard compatible with Brooks saddles, seat tube mounted foldable mudguards, a front fork mounted mud deflector, and chamois cream.

The mudguards are inexpensive, very portable, lightweight, and surprisingly effective. There are longer models, fatter models, and tiny models, all fitting snugly beneath the seat and keeping most of the water at bay.

Ass Savers is a one-trick company, but they do that trick very well. Stop by a local shop and pick up an outfit-saving portable mudguard for your variable-weather kit today.

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