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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2011

45NRTH is a U.S.-based manufacturer of parts, clothing, and footwear for four-season cyclists. The catalogue is available from many bike shops throughout the US and Canada, and through distributors for its parent company, QBP, to anywhere in the world.

Founded in 2011, 45NRTH has focused on fat-bike winter riding from the beginning, starting with the venerable Husker Du, still produced today. Within two years the company had expanded its offerings to include boots, pedals, headgear, and more. Today the company has an extensive line of winter wear, boots for full-on winter and transition seasons, and an epic line of tires, from studded XC and commuters to the immense Dillinger 5.

Tires are 45NRTH's main line. From the original Husker Du on, the company has provided innovative, effective tires, the majority made for riding in the wintriest conditions, as is only fit for a company doing its test rides in Minnesota. Today the range essays out about half studded and half not, the latter tires that will serve well in all seasons. The studded tires are available for cyclocrossers, commuters, traditional MTBers, plus bikes, and, of course, the fatties; Dillingers are offered in two widths to fit just about every fat bike worthy of the name. Weights are respectably light, durability high, and the grip is unparalleled.

The pedals are designed for fatbiking. Big, open platforms, light in weight, low in profile, and very sturdy, each model is equipped with bitey pins to offer a solid platform in snow and ice. Pins are replaceable, provided with hex heads.

Clothing is perhaps the most important part of a rider's kit for those riding in extreme weather. 45NRTH's catalogue includes temperature guides, quite helpful when determining sock selection or the necessity of overlayers, lobster gloves, or headwear. Styles are driven by function, providing good working clothes in low-key black. It goes with everything, after all.

45NRTH makes very good fatbike tires and practical winter clothing. For four-season riders, the company has a lot to offer. Stop by your local shop and find out what your winter wardrobe has been missing.

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