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Brand WTB
ColorRim Color: Black Spokes Color: Black Hub Color: Black


Dimensions(29er) 622x19c
FeaturesTCS The tubeless compatible TCS rim profile is especially designed for TCS or UST tires and is also compatible with tube type tires when used with tubes. TCS rim profiles feature superior tire retention capabilities. When mounting a TCS or UST tire on a TCS rim profile very little initial air pressure force is required to inflate tire. In most cases a small mini hand pump will provide ample air flow for inflation. THE WTB DIFFERENCE Because WTB designs both tires and rims, we can focus on a consistent interface between the two. While all mountain bike tires are based around an established bead seat diameter (559-millimeter for 26-inch tires and 622-millimeters for 29er tires) you?ll find a wide variance in many brands. Some brands of tires fit rims so tightly that tools are necessary for installation, while others have a looser fit. WTB rims and tires feature a consistent interface for easy installation. TCS rim profile d locknut. WTB 29er rims feature a 622-millimeter/700c bead seat diameter, and a minimum bead opening of 21-millimeters. This minimum width is the defining element that separates 29er rims from 700c trekking, hybrid and road racing rims. Narrower rims are not designed for today’s wider 29er tires. WTB RIM STRIPS Proprietary WTB rubber rim strips are 11-millimeters in width and are designed to compliment GBS Equipped rims. We recommend using these strips with any WTB rim, as wider rim strips can interfere with the tire’s bead seat. WTB Tubeless Valve New Taper Design allows for optimal fit on a wide variety of rim. Removable valve core for easy cleaning and un interrupted air flow. WTB Tubeless RIm Tape Light, strong, and extra sticky for durable long lasting leakproof performance. Swell-Bow WTB spokes are better by design. At the J-bend—the most likely point for the average spoke to break—these spokes measure 2.2-millimeters in cross-section. We call this proprietary feature Swell-Bow. These thicker elbows fit perfectly into the hub, providing a stiffer, snug fit. The length between the J-bend and the head is critical. Achieving a snug fit increases strength because stress is spread throughout the form fit. Double Butting From the 2.2-millimeter Swell-Bow, WTB spokes taper down to 2.0- millimeters, and finally measure 1.8-millimeters at the center. From the mid-point, the spoke tapers back to 2.0-millimeters at the thread. Butting the spoke in this fashion combats the immense stress the spoke sees at both ends. A narrow mid-section greatly reduces weight without compromising strength. WTB spokes can be used with standard hub flange spoke holes. SPOKE NIPPLES LaserDisc Cross Country and LaserDisc Trail wheels utilize alloy nipples to save weight over the traditional brass variety. Although the brass nipples featured on LaserDisc FR and LaserDisc DH wheels are more durable, they are up to 20-grams heavier per wheel. Our new Stryker wheelset uses Sanvic triple butted 3 mm bladed spokes.
Recommended forAll Mountain / Trail Riding
Size(29er) 622x19c
Wheel weight pair1023g (Front Only)
Wheels hub frontWTB Front Hub, QR included
Wheels rimAM TCS 29
Wheels spokes14Guage S/S Black
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