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Trek Remedy 9.9 (2012)


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Brand Trek
ModelRemedy 9.9
Size15.5, 17.5, 18.5, 19.5, 21.5"
ColorOnyx Carbon


Bottom bracketBB95
BrakesAvid XX hydraulic disc brakes
CassetteSRAM XX 11-36, 10 speed
CranksetSRAM XX, 39/26
FeaturesYou choose, with ABP Convert ABP Convert offers all the benefits of our original ABP, and comes with interchangeable wheel interface options so you can swap from a 142x12mm rear wheel back to a traditional style 135x5mm wheel. A stronger, lighter rocker EVO Link is Trek’s evolution of the rocker link from the plate-and-bolt style used on most suspension bikes to a one-piece rocker link. This lighter link provides a stronger connection point between the front and rear triangles, creating a stiffer frame for greater control with minimal weight. Fragile carbon? We solved that. A few years ago, we noticed that racers loved carbon fiber, but the everyday rider was still scared of taking carbon off-road. As the leaders in carbon fiber technology, we knew we could offer the world a better solution. So we took our best engineers and designers, and asked for better carbon, built for off-road use. The result? OCLV Mountain Carbon. OCLV Mountain chainstay Full OCLV Mountain Carbon chainstay reduces frame weight by about 100g and dramatically increases stiffness. OCLV Mountain seatstay Full OCLV Mountain Carbon seatstay reduces frame weight by about 100g. Carbon Armor Sometimes you need a little extra protection, so we've developed a light, tough external shield. Our Carbon Armor polymer shield provides reassurance to riders who know their down tube is bound to take some abuse. Can't use full Fork travel? We solved that. Ever notice how your fork only really uses about 90% of the travel? A couple years ago, we noticed that too—almost every rider we saw on the trail had an O-ring that just wouldn’t hit the fork’s crown. So we dug a little deeper, strapped on the data acquisition device and turned on the dyno. We found that different types of terrain require different things from a fork. Ride bigger lines, flow through braking bumps with ease, and ride with more control. More control, all the time The dual chambers in a DRCV fork seamlessly trade off to give you exactly the suspension you need for every inch of your ride. • Small bumps are easily absorbed. No more jarring high-frequency vibrations. • Uses more mid-stroke travel more often, so you can carry more speed through braking bumps, flow through rock gardens, hold your line at speed. • Awesome big hit control. With DRCV in the fork, you get consistent use of full travel. That’s more control, all the time. Can't control big hits? We solved that. Most full suspension air-shock bikes use a small-volume canister. A small-volume shock is efficient, because it doesn't move up and down excessively when you pedal. But it doesn't have the best big-hit control. To compensate, some companies use a less-efficient larger-volume shock. Others try to strike a balance with cumbersome manual controls or with fussy, overly complex shock systems. So to gain control, you either lose efficiency, or you lose simplicity. DRCV shocks solve that.DRCV seamlessly adjusts its air volume based on the size bump you encounter. You get supple feel on the small bumps, seamless control over midsize bumps and harsh hits, with less rear-wheel hang-up. Seemingly bottomless travel on the rough stuff. Big hits seem to disappear. All this, with the pedaling efficiency of a small-volume shock. Small Bumps: DRCV is supple and controlled like any other Fox RP2 or RP23 rear shock at sag and over small bumps. Midsize bumps: This is where DRCV shines. At 50% of compression, the shock opens up more air volume. Where other shocks wallow and stick, DRCV offers seamless control through the nastiest terrain you can find. Finish: Throughout the final stages of compression, DRCV behaves like a larger- volume air shock. Return: As the shock returns to its idle state, the shock closes the secondary air chamber to return to its small-bump compliance. Harsh ride? We solved that -Full Floater Most suspension systems attach the shock to a moving linkage at the top, and a fixed frame mount on the bottom. That fixed mount can contribute to a harsh ride. Full Floater attaches the shock to two moving linkage points on the frame, for greater response over a wide variety of terrain. It feels like more travel—but it's not. It's smarter travel Robust = heavy? We solved that. E2 is the evolution of the traditional 1-1/8" headset to a tapered head tube, fork, and headset system. E2 tapers from a 1.5" lower to a 1-1/8" upper headset to provide more material where it matters most, resulting in a stronger, lighter frame with point-and-shoot control. Thru-axle stiff, QR quick Our robust, confidence-inspiring 142mm hub + 12mm thru-axle system is about 35% stiffer than an open dropout design. The wider hub is easier to install than a conventional 135x5mm system, thanks to a tabbed guide in the frame's dropout. And for those riders who still want to use their 135mm thru-axle wheels, we include hardware adapters for an easy interchange. But this new system is so easy to use, we’re confident you’ll stick with it. 15QR A 15mm front thru axle makes steering more precise for more control, and the quick release feature allows for easy wheel removal. Need an attitude adjustment? We solved that. The Mino Link is an adjustment link located on the EVO Link. By flipping the Mino Link, riders can choose between slack or slacker geometry, without negatively affecting suspension performance. ISCG mounts International Standard Chain Guide mounts offer easy chain guide installation and adjustment. Direct-mount front derailleur A traditional front derailleur attaches to the frame with a band clamp. Our direct-mount front derailleur attaches directly to the frame using a solid, flat interface. This fastening method ensures crisper, more accurate front shifting. BB95 BB90 is an OCLV technology that allows the bottom bracket a 95mm wide stance with Net Molded precision-fit sockets and press-fit bearings, compatible with all major crank manufacturers. This wide stance allows greater surface area for the OCLV Carbon tubes, resulting in a stronger, stiffer platform. Combined with Mag EVO Link and hi-lo stays, BB95 helps your wheels track each other, rather than twist and turn with each 2x10 With a 10-speed cassette and a 2-ring crankset, 2x10 delivers a full range of useable gears, with less weight and easier, smoother shifting.
Fork typeFox 32 Float FIT RLC, Trek DRCV air spring, Kashima coat, compression, lockout, rebound, E2 tapered steerer, 15QR thru axle, 150mm travel, tuned by Trek in California
Frame typeOCLV Mountain Carbon main frame, seatstay & chainstay, Carbon Armor, ABP Convert, Full Floater, E2 tapered head tube, front derailleur internal cable routing, stealth seatpost routing, magnesium EVO Link, Mino Link, replaceable derailleur hanger, 150mm tr
Front derailleurSRAM XX
HeadsetCane Creek IS-3, E2, alloy cartridge
Hub frontDT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon, 24 hole, 15mm front hub
Hub rearDT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon 142x12mm rear hub
Rear derailleurSRAM XX
Recommended forMountain, All Mountain, XC Marathon
Rims typeDT Swiss XM 1550 Tricon 24 hole, Tubeless ready
SaddleBontrager Evoke RXL,
ShiftersSRAM XX, 10 speed
Shock typeFox Float RP-3 w/DRCV, Kashima coat, Boost Valve, 3-position Climb-Ride-Descend ProPedal, rebound; 7.75x2.25", tuned by Trek in California
SkewersDT Swiss
SpokesDT Swiss
StemBontrager Rhythm Pro, 31.8mm
TiresBontrager XR4 Team, 26x2.3"
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