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Tannus Co New Slick

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The New Slick is the newest tire in our lineup. It has a new tread pattern that gives it improved rolling resistance over other Tannus tires. The New Slick is made using patented puncture proof resin, called Aither 1.1, that allows the New Slick design to replicate the resistance of a standard tire and be the only airless bicycle tire to weigh the same as a standard tire, tube, and rim-strip combination. In addition to the minimal weight and resistance, the New Slick repels the elements and provides a guaranteed 5000 miles (8000 km) of flat proof riding. The New Slick excels in wet conditions with its grippy tread and offers no stretching in the heat.
The New Slick accommodates a wider rim than other Tannus road tires. It's perfect for commuting, offering traction and flat-free confidence over any road, from city streets to gravel, brick or cobblestone to asphalt. It has been hailed by our racers as the best handling of all the Tannus tires.
An excellent training tire for aspiring road racers who want to push themselves harder without ever having to pump up their tires again.

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