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Sigma BC 2209 TARGA


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Brand Sigma
ModelBC 2209 TARGA


AccessoriesDocking Station, Battery CR2032, Magnet Set, Tool Free Power Magnet, STS Speed Transmitter "BIke 2" Complete Set, STS Cadence Sensor Accessory Set Complete, STS "Bike 2" Complee set ( Wheel and Cedence Sensors), STS Speed Transmitter Single, STS Chest Belt, Elasitc Chest Strap, STS Bracket 2450, Universal Bracket 2450 including Cable, Universal Bracket 2450 without Cable, Cable for Universal Bracket, Hiking Bracket Inc Wrist Band
BatteryCR 2450
FeaturesGeneral Functions Languages setting, 7 languages 2 wheel sizes adjustable Automatic recognition of second bike Automatic start/stop Back-light Battery status display receiver/ transmitter Backup function (storage chip) Current temperature Bike Functions Current speed Average speed Maximum speed Trip distance Comparison of current and average speed Programmable trip section counter forth/back Actual-cadence (cadence transmitter optional) Total distance bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2 (Not shown while riding) Heart Rate Functions ECG-precise Current heart rate Average heart rate Maximum heart rate Calories burnt Time Functions Trip Time Clock Stopwatch Countdown timer Total ride time bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2 (Not shown while riding) Altitude Measurement Functions Current altitude Day's climb uphill/downhill (programmable) Total altitude uphill bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2 (Not shown while riding) Maximum day‘s altitude Hiking Functions Current altitude Current heart rate Hiking time Target time Day's climb uphill/downhill (programmable) Maximum day‘s altitude Average heart rate Maximum heart rate Calories burnt Clock Stopwatch Current temperature Total hiking time Total day‘s climb
FunctionsCalibration 3 altitude setting methods: - Enter the air pressure - Enter the current altitude - Enter the starting altitude Wrist strap as an accessory (included) Use as a hiking computer with all heart rate, time and altitude functions Speed measurement by cable The speedometer can be retro-fitted with a cable bracket for measuring the speed Battery life span CR 2450 has 3 times more capacity compared to the CR 2032
Recommended forRunning, Cycling, Hiking
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