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Sigma BC 2006 MHR


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Brand Sigma
ModelBC 2006 MHR


FeaturesGeneral functions Language setting, 7 languages LCD back-light Low battery indicator Backup function/through saving chip Two wheel sizes adjustable Clock and model name in standby Bike functions Current speed Average speed Comparison of actual and average speed Maximum speed Trip distance Programmable trip section counter Total distance bike 1* Total distance bike 2* Total distance bike 1+2* Heart rate functions Current heart rate Average heart rate Maximum heart rate Time functions Clock Stop watch Riding time Total riding time - bike 1* Total riding time - bike 2* Total riding time - bike 1+2* Programmable countdown timer forward/back Altitude measurement functions Current altitude Total altitude per day uphill/downhill Total altitude uphill bike 1* Total altitude uphill bike 2* Total altitude uphill bike 1+2* Current temperature Walking functions Walking time Current altitude Total altitude per day uphill/downhill Current temperature Heart rate functions (like 1706 HR) Timer Clock *Not shown while riding
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