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Sigma BC 1609 STS + Cadence


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Brand Sigma
ModelBC 1609 STS + Cadence


AccessoriesDocking Station, Battery CR2032, Tool Free Power Magnet, Cadence Power Magnet, STS Speed Transmitter "BIke 2" Complete Set, STS Cadence Sensor Accessory Set Complete, STS "Bike 2" Complete set ( Wheel and Cedence Sensors), STS Speed Transmitter Single, STS Cadence Transmitter Single, STS Bracket 2032
BatteryCR 2032
FeaturesGeneral Functions Languages setting, 7 languages 2 wheel sizes adjustable Automatic recognition of second bike Automatic start /stop Back-light Battery status display receiver/transmitter Backup function (storage chip) Current temperature Bike Functions Actual speed Average speed Maximum speed Trip distance Comparison of current and average speed Programmable trip section counter forth/back Actual-cadence Total distance bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2 (Not shown while riding) Time Functions Riding time Clock Stopwatch Countdown timer Total ride time bike 1/bike 2/bike 1+2 (Not shown while riding)
FunctionsCadence measurement - Shows the current and average cadence (wired and wireless (Fig.) possible). Includes cable ties BACK-LIGHT - Optimal readability even after nightfall
Recommended forRoad, Touring, General Purpose, Commuting, MTB
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