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Shimano Shimano Race 26x19c UST QR Rear Wheel WH-M985-R (XTR)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano Race 26x19c UST QR Rear Wheel WH-M985-R (XTR)


FeaturesBalance and Innovation have long been staples of Shimano's wheel program, and now that trail riders have a dedicated wheelset of their own, the new XTR Race wheels have been rebalanced and refocused specifically to meet the exacting demands of top-level cross-country racers. Leaner and meaner than ever, these disc-brake-only wheels come with true UST-compatibility in a 19-millimeter-wide, dent-resistant scandium hoop. At just 350 grams per rim, acceleration comes instantly. And for as light as these wheels feel underfoot, thanks to a straight-pull lacing design that uses 24 butted 15-gauge spokes per wheel, they don't flinch under hard, aggressive cornering. Available with a 15-millimeter or standard quick-release front axle, XTR Race wheels use a fast-engaging titanium freehub body and Shimano's proven cup-and-cone bearings for years of race-day performance. Forget about all those “one-race” wheels with their dubious claims of gossamer weight and performance, because this hand-built, sub-1,500-gram wheelset draws on decades of podium-winning experience and is as focused and committed to performing on race day—or on any day—as you are.
Recommended forXC Racing / Cross Country
Size559 x 21C (26")
Wheel weight pair802g
Wheels hub rearXTR Titanium Freehub 8/9/10-speed compatible
Wheels rimUST Scandium Alloy
Wheels spokes24 Shimano Stainless steel
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