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Shimano Shimano Dura-Ace Track (Groupset)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano Dura-Ace Track (Groupset)


Bottom bracketDura_Ace BB-7700
CranksetDura-Ace Track FC-7710
FeaturesCranksets FC-7710 BB-7700 DURA-ACE Track features race-proven Hollowtech Front Cranksets and Octalink Bottom Brackets. Front Hubs HB-7710-F DURA-ACE Track Front Hubs are precision manufactured to provide super smooth rolling, improved wheel rigidity and easy serviceability. Rear Hubs HB-7710-R DURA-ACE Track Rear Hubs feature race-proven performance and easy serviceability. Pedals PD-7810 DURA-ACE SPD-SL Pedals are designed to provide optimum stability and efficiency so you can focus on the road.
Hub frontStandard Flange HB-7710-F, High flange HB7600-F
Hub rearStandard Flange HB-7710-R, High flange HB7600-R
Recommended forTrack Racing
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