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Shimano Shimano Deore SLX (Groupset)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano Deore SLX (Groupset)
ColorSilver, Black


Brake leversBL-M665
Brake rotorSM-RT64 (3 Sizes Available)
Cassette10 Speed CS-HG81-10, 9 Speed CS-HG80
Chain10 Speed CN-HG74, 9 Speed CN-HG73
Crankset10 Speed FC-M660-10, 9 Speed FC-M660, 9 Speed Bash Guard FC-M665
FeaturesBrakes Caliper - BR-M665 Lever - BL-M665 Rotor - SM-RT64L, SM-RT64M, SM-RT64 The SLX Disc Brake System offers 20% higher stopping power than its predecessor (Deore LX BR-M585). The system also features improved ergonomics, direct cable routing, and tool-free reach adjustment. The Servo-Wave brake levers offer superb power and feel. Cassette Sprockets 10 Speed - CS-HG81-10 (11-32, 11-34, 11-36) 9 Speed - CS-HG80 (11-32 , 11-34) The latest generation of Shimano's patented & proven HyperGlide cassettes provide dependable shifting with reduced weight. A wider-range 11-36 10-speed HG cassette means riders can climb further in their Primary Driving Gear—the 32-tooth chainring. When other riders have pulled the rip cord, the Dyna-Sys equipped rider will still be motoring along in a more efficient gear with full traction. Chains 10 Speed - CN-HG74 9 Speed - CN-HG73 Systems engineering is a bedrock principle of Shimano’s holistic design approach, and nowhere is this design harmony more evident than in the first-ever mountain-bike-specific 10-speed chain. With four task-specific plates per link, this new asymmetrical chain was engineered specifically to climb the profile of an HG cassette on one side and catch the pickup pins on Shimano’s already smoothest-in-class front chainrings on the other. Front Cranksets 10 Speed - FC-M660-10 9 Speed Triple - FC-M660 9 Speed Double with Bash Guard - FC-M665 SLX Hollowtech II Cranksets feature hollow forged crank arms and durable pipe billet steel axles. CloseStep front chainring gear ratios —42-32-24— make shifting smoother and faster. With Dyna-Sys, getting from the 24-tooth ring back into the middle ring—the Primary Driving Gear—is easier and more intuitive. Plus, a 42-tooth big-ring is more appropriate for the needs of today’s trail riders. The FC-M660/665 Hollowtech II SLX crankset features a composite middle ring for double the service life, improved shifting performance, and a reinforced construction for a rugged riding style. A 2-tone colored crank arm, high rigidity crank arm comes equipped with an impact absorbing honeycomb design bash guard (M665). Front Derailleurs 10 Speed - FD-M660-10 - FD-M660-10E, FD-M661-10, FD-M661-10D 9 Speed - FD-M660, FD-M660-E, FD-M661, FD-M661-D, FD-M665, FD-M665-E, FD-M667 SLX Front Derailleurs are offered in many configurations to suit a range of MTB frame styles. Rear Derailleurs 10 Speed - RD-M663-SGS 9 Speed - RD-M662-GS, RD-M662-SGS SLX features Shimano's Shadow design Rear Derailleurs for superior trail clearance and crisp shifting. Thanks to new, more direct cable routing and the reduced cable tension, Dyna-Sys is less sensitive to contamination, cable stretch and cable routing concerns, which all adds up to more consistent performance in even the roughest terrain—the kind of trails that rattle molars loose and make suspension components work overtime to keep pace. The RD-M662 has the new low profile Shadow technology design with direct cable routing for crisp and accurate shifting. Rapidfire Plus Shifters 10 Speed - SL-M660-10R 9 Speed - SL-M660 SLX Rapidfire Plus Shifters: precise shifting, in/out board multi-position bracket, removable gear indicators, 2-way release in a proven ergonomic design. Front Hubs Std QR Centrelock - HB-M665 15mm Thru Axle Centrelock - HB-M668 20mm Thru Axle Centrelock - HB-M667 SLX Front Hubs are designed for lightweight and durability. Shimano's proven angular contact cup & cone bearing system offers real world performance along with easy serviceability. Choose model HB-M665 if you prefer Quick Release or model HB-M668 for 15mm Thru-Axle or HB-M667 for the added rigidity of 20mm Thru-Axle. Rear Freehubs FH-M665 SLX Rear Freehubs are designed for lightweight and durability. The micro ratchet freehub mechanism (XTR - Saint - Dura-Ace) offer super quick engagement for added acceleration. Shimano's proven angular contact cup & cone bearing system provides trouble free performance and easy servicing.
Front derailleurShimano SLX (Various Mounting Options)
Hub frontShimano SLX (Options (Std QR, 15mm & 20mm Thru-Axle) Centrelock)
Hub rearShimano SLX FH-M665
Rear derailleur10 Speed RD-M663-SGS, 9 Speed RD-M662 (Mid & long Cage)
Shifters9 & 10 Speed Options
SkewersShimano SLX
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