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Shimano Shimano Carbon/Alloy 35mm Clincher Wheelset WH-7900-C35-CL (Dura-Ace)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano Carbon/Alloy 35mm Clincher Wheelset WH-7900-C35-CL (Dura-Ace)


FeaturesProprietary In -house Carbon rim construction -Carbon-alloy compsite rim Easy bearing adjust system Increased axial Rigidity with over size A7075 Alloy axle Double butted blade Alloy axle for ligther weight and aerodynamics
Size700 x 15c
Wheel weight pairFront 737g - Rear 890g
Wheels hub frontDura-Ace 7900
Wheels hub rearDura-Ace 7900 with titanium freehub body w/quick engagement
Wheels rimClincher - Carbon/Alloy composite - 35mm aero profile
Wheels spokesFront - 16 / Rear - 20 Bladed
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