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Salsa Mukluk 3 (2012)

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A bike where other bike cannot travel, that is the specialty of the Mukluk fat bike. Soft sandy beaches, snowy singletrack terrain, frozen lakes and rivers are its game trails. The secret, is its design to float with its extreme tire floatation. Wide rims, wide tires that run at a proper pressure, makes a lot of difference between riding and pushing. Effective frame geometry is equally important. Mukluk handling is stable and rides comfortably at slow speed, allowing riders to avoid dabbing in tough conditions. This bike is also powder coated finish, making it beautiful and durable. While aluminum resists rust effectively, that is why this bike need not worry about corrosion so melting snow and adventures below the high tide line won’t ruin your frame. Plus a convertible bike with a flick of a switch. This bike can turn into a 29er mountain bike, its frame is front-suspension compatible as well.

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Name:Mukluk 3
Brand: Salsa
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