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Ryders Eyewear Crankum VeloPOLAR AntiFOG

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The 2016 Ryders Eyewear Crankum VeloPOLAR AntiFOG is a performance sunglass. Its minimalist frame offers all the structural support necessary without obscuring the field of view. Nose and earpieces are extensively adjustable to fit rider, helmet, and personal preference. The VeloPOLAR lens offers a dramatic increase in clarity, perfect for roadies, with increased visibility of road irregularities. The antifogging properties are reliable, keeping vision clear after many hot hours on the road. The Crankum's lens also provides the same UV filtering and impact resistance as the Standard lens.
A very good, lightweight road rider's sunglass.

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Name:Crankum VeloPOLAR AntiFOG
Brand: Ryders Eyewear
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