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Rocky Mountain VERTEX 950 (2012)

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The heart of a bike is its frame. The geometry, the material, the feel, and the way it reacts under the rider are the very essence of the ride. That's why we've introduced FORMª the design and manufacturing process of our high-performance frame tubing. Our philosophy behind FORMª tubing is to push the limits of tube and frame design to create the frame's unique riding feel.
The frame layout creates a compact front end, giving increased agility in tight turning singletrack while providing increased stiffness for greater control in all conditions. It's also bomber construction: with a greater separation between the top tube/seat tube and seat tube/seat stay welds, frame stress is distributed over a larger area of the seat tube. Originated by Rocky Mountain and copied by others, ST3 delivers a better handling, stronger frame - the ride of a lifetime.

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Name:VERTEX 950
Brand: Rocky Mountain
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