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Park Tool Professional Micro-Adjust Repair Stand Clamp # 100-3D

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After years of research and testing we’ve built what we consider the best shop clamp made. It’s smooth, versatile and built to stand up to everyday shop use.

- Fits the following repair stands: PRS-2, PRS-3, PRS-4, PRS-2 OS, PRS-3 OS, PRS-4 OS, and PRS-4W
- Cam-actuated adjustment system for quick entry, adjustment and exit
- Narrow clamping jaws (2.7”/7cm) designed to clamp securely yet fit into tight areas or on short seat posts.
- Fully adjustable clamping pressure prevents damage to thin-walled tubes

The Professional Micro Adjust Clamp features a long travel cam to open and close jaws quickly. The bike should be grabbed relatively gently when the cam is actuated. Holding pressure is fine tuned by tightening the handle. To remove bike, loosen handle one-half and pull cam to open position.

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Name:Professional Micro-Adjust Repair Stand Clamp # 100-3D
Brand: Park Tool
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