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Park Tool Post Mount Facing Tool # DT-4

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Engineered and built to accurately face frame and fork mounted disc brake posts. The DT-4 machines the posts parallel with each other, perpendicular to the rotor, and to an equal height.

- Includes axle for 135mm spacing frames with the standard 10mm axles (open dropouts). Also will work - with 130mm spacing.
- Includes axle for 100mm spacing frames with the standard 9mm axles (open dropouts).
- Fits 12mm thru-axle frames using the included spacer and axle from frame
- Fits 15mm thru-axle forks using the included spacer and axle from fork
- Fits 20mm thru-axle forks using body of DT-4 directly, no spacer required
- Includes two "parallelism gauges" to accurately adjust cutting tool

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Name:Post Mount Facing Tool # DT-4
Brand: Park Tool
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