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Look Keo Classic is a tribute to the original Look PP65 pedals (introduced in 1984) plus the later Delta, merely in a slimmed down adaptation. The Keo has become a popular model since its launch in 2005 and includes a considerable number of models following the same design: Keo Plus, Keo 2 Max and Keo Easy. Keo 2 Max has a higher spring tension level, metal contact plate and an additional bearing for improved toughness and pedal stability. It was clear from a survey presented recently of 7 sponsored Pro Teams that the original design Keo remains popular, with virtually half of these athletes following the Keo 2 Max model.

Classics are created by way of a lower spring tension device to enable those new to clipless systems time to change to the idea and action of clipping in and out. The force necessary for both entry and exit can be changed via a tiny screw on the top of the pedal from 8-12 Nm. Axle length is the same as Blades which allows the same 2 mm q-factor change. Stack height, or distance from axle to sole associated with the shoe, is 15.7mm and that is the same low profile as the newer Keo Blade.

If you're brand-new to clipless pedals, the Keo Classic is the appropriate choice. Keep in your mind this really is a basic pedal with regards to construction. There's no metal plate over the face associated with the body so this region will, over time, wear like the early model Keo Carbons. I see the Classic suiting the entry level or budget aware rider who gets out at limited times a week. These pedals will additionally be suitable for the younger cyclist because of the lower spring tension assisting in giving the children self-assurance and placing less stress on the ankles and knees.

You get an easy to use pedal that will introduce anyone to the great world of clipping in generating your look into a seasoned expert.


The Keo standard was developed with the goal of minimizing the weight and volume of the cleat/pedal unit, while remaining compatible with all the shoes on the market. The operational kinematic is identical to the DELTA standard; pedal engagement and disengagement remain safe and very efficient.

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