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Look 576 E-POST (2012)

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The new LOOK 576 AERO was created for the Triathlete. The seat angle is 78° that allows the Triathlete to obtain their ideal position. A very aerodynamic position can be set up where the rider is as far forward on the saddle and at the same time conserving some energy for the run.
The 576 is one of the few aerodynamic frames that is less than 1,100 grams. The same aerodynamic technology that was used on the 596 were applied to the 576. The carbon fibers and lay up of the frame were the key elements to achieve the lightness of the 576. This 576 is very road compliant and ideal for the hilly courses and still cuts through the wind thanks to its aerodynamic design.
The integrated seat post mass uses the R5 E Post that is reversable. The integrated seat post serves as a functional element to the ride of the 576.The integrated seat post has an elastomer system that helps absorb the vibrations of the road. In addition to the elastomers absorbing the road vibrations, the system allows a slight vertical flex to provide more comfort for the triathlete. The E-Post has adjustable setback of + or - 5 mm in relation to the seat tube. This E-Post is reversible and utilizes a 360 ° multi-directional saddle adjustment clamping system. There are 3 different density elastomers (soft, medium & firm) that is delivered with each E Post. The triathlete is able to fine tune his ride comfort.
The fork was specifically designed with the frame and has a very aerodynamic profile to it. Each section of the fork profile is shaped to minimize wind drag. This fork meets and exceeds the new European Safety Standard, EN 14781 (144 joules from a frontal impact).

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