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Jamis DRAGON 650 [650B] (2012)

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Ever since we burped out our first Dakar 650B proto nearly four years ago, we were torn about building a hardtail version. All of us were thrilled with the performance and fit of our carbon Dakota D29 bikes, our Reynolds steel ‘niner Dragons and our aluminum two-nine Exiles. But everytime we took the Dakar B2 or B1 out for a ride, the “why not a hardtail” thought kept popping up like mushrooms in a cow paddie. We just had to experiment.

So we did. First in steel. Then in aluminum. And the plan was to make a choice. We just didn’t realize how hard that choice was going to be to make. So we didn’t. Meet Dragon 650. One of two perfect executions of the promise of 650B, this one in Reynolds 853 for trail riding. Is the 29” wheel size going to lose out to 650B wheels the same way 26” hoops gave way to the two-niner? It’s not really for us to say. But we can say this: If you’re committed to hardtails, whether for racing or epic trail riding, you deserve a spin on a Dragon 650. You just might find the Dragon 650 to be the bike you always wanted.��

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Name:DRAGON 650 [650B]
Brand: Jamis
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