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HED Sringer 7 FR

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A huge benefit of having pro riders on our wheels is the input we get to make them better. After suggestions from our teams for a deeper and stiffer wheel for road racing we came up with the Stinger 7. This is the deepest wheel we recommend for road racing.
The Stinger 7 is ideal for the sprinter. ..... super stiff! The sidewalls are reinforced to provide that stiffness without compromising the overall weight of the wheel. The reinforced side walls help eliminate flex in a corner or when you are going all out towards the line.
Triathletes will also benefit for the deeper more aero faring. The 7's will provide increased aerodynamics but not compromise handling at all. The deeper section will help on the long stretches of roads triathletes face but not move when faced with a crosswind.
Like all the Stingers the 7's are tuned with SCT Technology. Meaning we made the wheels deeper and faster but tuned them to be rock solid in cross winds.

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Name:Sringer 7 FR
Brand: HED
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