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DMR DMR 898 Frame (2012)

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DMR 898 TEAM ISSUE FRAME This DMR 898 frame uses our premium Cro.Mo tubing and it is tig welded to our normal high standard, it’s also Heat Treated...but with a difference. Most good dirt-jump frames are heat treated, but BEFORE welding. This means that the welding process sets up all sorts of stress and strain in the frame that can weaken it and destroy the ride quality. The 898 is heat treated AFTER welding. It goes through a DMR devised process of heating and cooling, this helps it relax and soothes away all it’s angst. The result is a lighter, tougher, more dependable, longer lasting and friendlier frame. ‘POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT’ costs more, but I’m pretty sure that you will agree that it’s worth it. 898? 898ºC is the temp that helps the frame to relax at the start of it’s therapy. It’s the key to the whole process, then it’s hardened and toughened [we’ll keep those temps secret] making it one of the strongest and smoothest riding frames that you will ever own. 

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Name:DMR 898 Frame
Brand: DMR
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