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Dahon Curve XL (2011)

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For city commuters, having a bike around is essential. Developed out of a necessity, the Dahon bike and its folding system was created to address a common problem with bike commuters and that’s how to make the bike portable enough to bring on trains and buses if there’s a need.

This type of multi-modal function has been tried and tested through the years until finally developing the Dahon folding system. The Curve XL is one bike that has this particular feature covered to a tee.

Product Highlights:

• Armed with the Shimano Exit hub, it comes seven shifting gears
• Separated pump is stored safely inside the seat. This can be used for emergencies
• Has a patented V-Clam frame which is strong and sturdy while working efficiently
• Tires are made from Schwalbe Marathon Racer ensuring that they are top notch in performance
• Kevlar lined tires to ensure performance

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Name:Curve XL
Brand: Dahon
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