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Cinelli XCR Frame (2012)


Product Category
Brand Cinelli
ModelXCR Frame
Size45 48 50 53 56 Full Custom
ColorCristal Mirror


Bottom bracketBSA BB
Features• Unique ride quality: the metallographic structure of this, the only biphasic steel bicycling tubing in the world, produces a unique harmonising of vibrations in elastic response thus creating an unsurpassably confident and consistent tactility for the rider, particularly in high speed descents. • Better stiffness to weight ratio than Aluminium and Titanium alloys used in bicycle frame construction. • Traditional steerer tube and BSA threaded shell to make the frame more adaptable to classic-styled builds. • Completely handmade in Italy. • Full custom sizing available.
Fork typeCOLUMBUS Minimal 1-1/8” Monocoque
Frame typeCOLUMBUS XCr Hinox Tube ®
Recommended forBuild up to be a top level Road bike
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