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Charge Plug Prestige (2012)

Editor's Review


Solid reliable Frame


Quill stem limited options with size.


Charge's philosophy is to build the frame first and then the components come second. This provides you with a solid platform to work from.

Fixed or Free? That is the question. You have both options available to you with Charge's Single Speed, sealed bearing, Flip flop rear hub fitted with a Dicta 16t FW / 16t Fixed cog. This give you the best of both worlds depending on your riding style.

I prefer riding single-speed, I can already hear the groaning from the Fixie fraternity. I have ridden track so yes I can ride Fixed but prefer the simplicity of not having to think to hard about where to have my pedals if I need to gutter jump.

After making the necessary set up adjustments it was time to see how the Plug felt on a easy 40km spin. The first thing I notice is how solid the frame feels under me. Out of the saddle or hard cranking and the Plug responds instantly. Is this steel I am riding?

The gearing was well suited to the ride with easy enough gearing to tackle the road when it heads up and just enough to keep me happily spinning away along the flats. Gearing can be adjusted by changing either the front or rear cogs to suit your style.

Style is what the Charge range offer with a variety of bikes to suit. So whether you are looking for a Sunday steed to hit the cafe's or a full on training bike they seem to have a full range to cover you.

I enjoyed the time I was lucky enough to spend on the Charge Plug Prestige and can recommend it to anyone seeking a solid performing bike that would suit either a commuter, fitness rider or just a weekend warrior. For me personally the only changes I would make are purely cosmetic to suit my own personal styling.


A rough, tough Fixie that loves to ride anywhere in the city. Perfectly happy jumping up and down kerbs and fine tuning your latest tricks. It's really good at getting you to work in style too!
A Tange heat treated frame and fork spec for the plug, Alex DM18 with wide 32c tyres to help take the sting out of landings and keep you riding for longer. Super comfortable Charge spoon saddle and narrow riser bars for long days dodging traffic. The Plug will take you anywhere you want and put a smile on your face doing it.

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