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Charge Blender (2012)

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The Blender is our 4x / dirt bike, constructed from Japanese Sanko Tubing it's based around a 100mm fork, and with a slack head angle it handles like a dream on the downs and tech stuff ..It's tough, low, fast, stable and most vitally exciting, it will devour anything you throw at it.

Amongst it's numerous glowing reviews it's been featured in Dirt Magazine's top 100 products for a 3rd year running. their description of the bike illustrates what those, apart from the race-owners, are doing with the bike. "Why do we like the Blender so much? Well because it is the perfect do-it-all hardtail... a brilliant woods bike .Hot berms, jumps and drops with confidence, put some XC miles in or hit the trails, all on the same bike. Riding the Blender is a joy and will sharpen your riding skills much more than the bloated 6" travel bike around your local woods".

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