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Assos SS 13


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Brand Assos
ModelSS 13
SizeS, M, Xl,Tir
ColorYellow, White, Titan, Red, Blue, Black


  • More of a performance-driven construction in comparison to the SS.Uno. 
  • Available in unisex cut or in specific Lady-version 
  • New philosophy in jersey design
  • Throughout the middle of the back we have inserted our new “3D senso mesh”, functionally shaped. It’s the very first time this kind of fabric is being incorporated into a cycling jersey. As you can tell, it is not very elastic. It functions as a frame, as a support. Now when you get into the riding position, it “clicks” onto your back, goes in horizontal tension and “straightens out” the lightweight plasma fabric on its right and left. 
  • It blocks the vertical elasticity of the entire back panel, with the advantage that, even when you pack your pockets with riding essentials, the jersey does not sag down. 
  • It stays where it is meant to stay: in place
  • Incorporates a zippered pocket with a hole to run your iPod cable through. 
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