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Argon 18 E-112 DURA ACE (2011)

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Equipped with a flashy design, the E-112 Dura Ace from Argon 18 is a must check out bike. The Element - 114 was initially designed for a different purpose and that’s to create a brand new triathlon bike.

The more tests were done, the more data was accumulated. As a result, the company ended up with two sets of usable data. One of them was made into the E-112 frame. It carries the same features and shape as that of the E-114.

On top of that, the bike frame has been molded to ensure aerodynamic properties are taken advantage of. Other things to expect from the bike include a spectacular illustrated built, FSA Gossamer as well as Shimano components. It’s a bike built to last and to perform.

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Name:E-112 DURA ACE
Brand: Argon 18
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