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  • Nationality:New Zealand
  • Year Founded:2011

Zerode is a New Zealand-based bike manufacturer. Currently the company produces a downhill frameset, also available as a custom build, and shortly an enduro frameset and drivetrain. Zerodes are available from shops in New Zealand, the U.S.A., and Canada.

The one-man company, founded and run by Rob Metz, began in 2007, releasing its first frame in 2011. A novel, high-pivot design, drivetrain routed to a gearbox and then to an internally-geared rear hub. The improved physics of the design is impressive, offering far better action on the rear shock. Since then, the company has made its first bike, the G2 downhiller, available in two production sizes, and its second design, an enduro frame, is now in development, soon to be commercially available.

The future of Zerode should be an interesting one. More sensible designs in more off-road riding styles - perhaps there will be one just right for you.

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