Yuba Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:2006

Yuba Bicycles is a specialized bike manufacturer: they make exclusively cargo bikes. Eminently sensible, Yuba focuses on the practical cyclist's needs, with a small number of very well-designed carrier bicycles.

Beginning as a one-man operation, founded by Benjamin Sarrazin in 2006, it has since grown to a full shop, with five employees making over 2000 bicycles per year, growth expected to proceed apace. The first model produced was the Mundo, a sturdy workhorse capable of toting 500 pounds. The Mundo, still made today, is is no cobbled-together machine; designed from the ground up as a hauler, its rack is integrated directly with the frame for impeccable handling.

Yuba's bike line now includes four models: the original Mundo, now available with an optional electric assist motor; the shorter-wheelbase Boda Boda, a more flexible-use bike with near-traditional bike performance, also available with or without electric assist; the Spicy Curry, an electric bike, its small-diameter drive wheel sturdily supporting a full size rack; and the new Flip Flop, an ingenious kid's bike, with a reversible frame, able to fit growing riders for a very long time. Even the Flip Flop is a hauler, with a rack and basket incorporated.

Yuba also provides complete packages for commuters, carriers, and family travelers, with a broad range of accessories: a number of bags, all adjustable for snugged-down loads, baskets, extension hardware for sideboards, either for additional cargo capacity or passengers, tow bars, and, of course, the Monkey Bar, available in standard or Mini size, providing a safety rail for your smallest passengers. The basic builds incorporate accessories no all-season traveler would be without: wheel skirts and full fenders come standard on every Mundo sold.

A very practical company, making very practical bikes. Say so long to the gas pump and replace your car today with one of Yuba's terrific cargo bikes!

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