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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1979

Yakima is a U.S.-based manufacturer of vehicle racks and storage for sporting equipment, from bikes to kayaks. Yakima gear is available from shops across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and Oceania, or directly from the company via its online store.

Started in 1979, with the purchase of the Yakima machine shop, partners Steve Cole and Don Banducci started off to make a better way to haul kayaks and bicycles around safely and securely. The company's early products impressed the industry; since then the company has grown steadily, today offering an extensive catalogue of carrying solutions.

Racks are available in practically every form imaginable. Roof-mount, trunk mount, hitch mount, all offered in a range of configurations and capacities. Truck racks fit at varying heights, preserving the truck bed for other use or incorporting its space to keep a lower profile. Fixed fork mounts and an over-door pad are also available, minimizing hardware while providing a secure perch for a bike. Multisport and watersport racks are available in similar ranges.

Yakima also offers trailers, lightweight, Spartan frames capable of carrying a number of items; a fine example is the RackandRoll trailer, available with different fittings to carry a storage case, kayak, and a bike. Trailers can tote up to 350 pounds, still light enough to be easily wheeled about by hand.

Camping, snow sports, water, hunting and fishing or cycling, Yakima's got a solution for you. Stop by your local sport shop and check out their gear.

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