XDS Bikes

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  • Nationality:Australia
  • Year Founded:2010

XDS Bicycles is an established Australian bike brand. XDS manufactures a very wide range of cycles, from cruisers to carbon road racers and everything in between. Founded only five years ago, they have grown rapidly, and are now carried by shops spanning the continent, from Perth to Adelaide to Darwin to Brisbane.

Targeting the recreational cyclist, XDS accessorizes its models to create complete riding packages; their city bikes include a rack and fenders, their retro models add a bike bag and basket, and every model is ready to ride off the showroom floor, excepting the road racers, which await only your choice in clipless pedal system.

The casual cyclist is very welcome at XDS. Cruisers, city bikes, and comfort models all come in a range of colors, styles, and sizes, sure to fit the new or returning cyclist in the manner they most enjoy, from slender-wheeled speedy street transportation to very laid-back balloon-tired beach cruisers. Models have reliable, low-maintenance componentry, comfortable seating, and often kickstands, fenders, and chainguards.

More serious cyclists may prefer something from XDS' flat-bar road bike line, spanning the gamut from an all-weather direct-drive 8-speed to a lightweight, aggressive aluminum commuter, equipped with a complete Shimano package. Road riders are also well provided for, with XDS' carbon-framed race machines, equipped with high-performance componentry and fast-rolling wheels.

Other highlights of the XDS catalogue include a fixie, a single-geared minimalist machine armed with clips and straps for fast trips through traffic; an inexpensive fat bike, sturdy and a hill of fun, ready to take on anything from mud and sand to a jaunt through the park or an attention-getting spin through town; and a folding bike with direct drive, excellent for commuting trips.

Last, but definitely not least, XDS' line of kid's bikes. With wheel sizes from 12" to 24" and rider-friendliness spanning everything from training wheels, fully enclosed chainlines, and coaster brakes to sophisticated adult-style shifting, V-brakes and knobby tires, every young rider will find just the right bike for them.

XDS is making bikes for everyone. Come down to your local shop today and find the one for you!

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