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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2015

X Fire is a U.S.-based manufacturer of bike lighting systems. Lights include head and taillights, for safety and seeing, with ancillary functions for increased safety or rider convenience. The entire catalogue is available directly from the company via its online store or through distributors throughout the world.

Founded in 2015, X Fire got off at a jump, introducing its novel Bike Lane safety light at an expo to a very warm reception. The company soon expanded its line to include more safety lights and some powerful headlights. Today the company is steadily increasing its presence in the market; its lights have proven quite popular with cyclists of all sorts.

The taillights are the prime movers of X Fire. Delivering increased visibility overall, the lights include downward-pointing lasers which mark out the minimum passing distance around the bike; these have proven to be quite effective.

All the company's headlights are powerful, meant for seeing, not just being seen. Focused shells and shaped reflectors deliver light where it needs to go, no leakage intruding on the rider.

Overall, the construction of all the company's products is quite solid. Long life batteries are included with every light; all shells are waterproof; fittings are secure and easily adjusted. Check out the X Fire line at your local retailer or online; perhaps they can make your night ride a little safer.

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