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  • Nationality:Netherlands
  • Year Founded:2003

WorkCycles is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of practical bicycles. Aside from their extensive catalogue of excellent, practical, cargo- and people-carriers, the company offers custom designs and builds. Bikes are available worldwide, from independent shops or directly from WorkCycles.

Founded in 2003 by Henry Cutler, the company grew slowly but steadily from a one-man operation, accumulating employees until, in 2008, changing from Henry WorkCycles to WorkCycles, B.V. Since that time the company continues to thrive, operating two full-service bike shops and producing its stalwart bikes and trikes for individuals, corporations, small business, and families.

The company's family bikes span the gamut, from a nearly-traditional upright bike, with room for up to three young passengers in multiple configurations, to long-wheelbase passenger tandems, to a schoolbus-capable cargobike model easily equipped with seats for six. All on two wheels.

The city bikes are all practical designs, with subtle gradients in fit range, weight, wheelbase, and accessory options amongst the heavy duty models. The pure city bikes are also practical, lightweight, and delightfully appointed with all-weather gear and very reliable componentry.

The working bikes are glorious. The versatile Fr8 can be configured to carry many types of cargo, with optional display panel and insulated box; the ends of the spectrum are represented by the Gr8, lighter weight with most of the Fr8's racks available, and the Kr8, a long-wheelbase freight carrier with tremendous capacity. Beyond the Kr8 are the trikes, available in sizes from medium to extra-large, plus an industrial-strength trike that is nearly indestructible and requires almost no maintenance.

WorkCycles produces excellent, long-lived, sturdy, utilitarian bikes that are a pleasure to ride. Check out their website, test-ride one at your local shop, or contact the company for the custom build you've envisioned.

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