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  • Nationality:New Zealand
  • Year Founded:2005

Wishbone Design Studio designs flexible children's transportation, in visually compelling packages. The company's products are available from more than 1000 shops across the world, or directly from Wishbone's online store.

The current catalogue has one wagon, one balance bike/trike, and the novel Flip, which converts from a sitting rocker to a push cart to a four-wheel ride. A handful of accessories, from name plates and stickers to grips and saddle covers, are also available.

The company is a firm believer in repairability; every part of the bike/trike is available separately, should a replacement be in order. Wishbone is also eco-friendly: the newest version's frame is made entirely from recycled plastic, primarily used carpet.

The balance bike/trike converts from one to another of three forms: the trike has the same low, safe rider position as the little two-wheeler, requiring only a change in rear axle to convert. To take the little to the big, the frame itself reverses, raising the seat while maintaining a consistent rider orientation. In any form, the bike is safe, pushes smoothly, and is fun to ride.

Wishbone's products are fun, safe, and environmentally sound. Fiind them at a nearby shop or online and see whether they have the right ride for your little one.

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