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WeeRide is a manufacturer of cycling products for children. Today's catalogue includes a balance bike and a number of ride-alongs. Part of the Kent family of cycling products, WeeRide can be found in big box stores around the world and online.

The ride-alongs are solid. All based on a single, simple design, without gears or other complexities. Available in a range of colors, in one of two frame materials, each with a collection of substantive features: adjustable seat and bar, chainguard, splash fenders, and a safety flag. Mounting is via seatpost.

The balance bike is excellent. Just one model is available, seat and stem extensively adjustable to fit riders as young as 1-1/2 and as old as 4. Safe, simple, and almost no maintenance.

WeeRide is making quite a splash with its child-friendly cycling equipment. Find something right for your child in a store near you.

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