Ventoux Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:United Kingdom
  • Year Founded:Unknown
Ventoux is run by cyclists. 
We're fans of the sport and fans of riding bikes. 
We make great t-shirts inspired by our heroes of road cycling and from just riding bikes.

The company came about when we noticed a lack of stylish t-shirts for the road cycling fan and decided we would address the need personally.
We chose the name during stage 20 of the 2009 Tour. The finish that day was on the legendary Mont Ventoux and Bradley Wiggins had tackled its hallowed slopes in a select group of the finest riders of the peloton. He finished tenth but cemented his fourth place overall in the GC and revealed himself as a bona-fide future Tour contender. 
Having ridden the Ventoux on many occasions ourselves it was decided that it would be a fitting name for our new venture.

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