Uvex Bike Parts & Accessories

  • Nationality:Germany
  • Year Founded:1926

Uvex Sports is a German manufacturer of safety gear for athletes, from skiiers and other winter activities to cycling and horseback riding. Helmets, goggles, and glasses designed for general and specialty use are offered, available from retailers around the world.

Beginning in 1926, the company's first offering was a pair of ski goggles, far more sophisticated than the goggles of the day. Founder Philipp M. Winter went on to equip the athletes of the 1936 Olympic games, and never looked back. Expansion was inevitable; the company moved from its tiny original home to a more substantial manufactory. More successes followed: advances in ski goggles, introduction of road cycling and full-face helmets, the world's most popular safety glasses, laser protection, and on. Today the company is still in the capable hands of the same family that began uvex almost a century ago.

Uvex' cycling catalogue includes eyewear and helmets. Glasses incorporate antifog, clarifying lenses, polarization, and a variable-light treatment that adjusts in an exceptionally short time, less than 0.1 seconds. Helmets are offered for practically every style and size of rider: full-face freeride, downhill, road racing, city, BMX, aero, track, and specialty lids are available, with a substantial range for kids.

Uvex is a venerable manufacturer of safety equipment for athletes and workers, with an eye for style. In the market for a new helmet? Check out uvex.

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