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  • Nationality:Germany
  • Year Founded:1988

For more than twenty years we have built bicycle carriers from high strength steel tube. Our carriers set the standard for high quality touring and travel. All considerable bicycle manufacturers equip their bikes with our carriers. Highest capacity with low weight, absolute reliability and fastidious finish are the characteristics of all our tubus carriers. We develop and manufacture carriers according to our philosophy, to unite highest product quality and longevity in a beautiful product.

Therefore we are proud of the more than 18-year success history of our CARGO and TARA carriers. Optimized in detail over the years, this pair of carriers continue to represent the "Dream team" for many extreme travelers.

Tubus carriers are hand made and laboriously surface treated. Our products go through complex testing procedures before they are released for quantity production. Our know-how in the processing of breath-thin steel tubes to high-strength and aesthetically fastidious carriers, flows also into the development and production of customized carrier systems. Thus we compile carrier solutions for manufacturers of E-bikes and customized bikes.For those who think touring is about carrying all but the kitchen sink across thousands of kilometres of the toughest terrain known to man… Then Tubus panniers and racks are the absolute go-to option. Tubus have a pannier rack option for just about any bike and you know that it will last through any adventure.

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