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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:1997

TRX Training is a U.S.-based fitness equipment manufacturer. From its humble beginnings as a makeshift device cobbled together by founder Randy Hetrick to keep up his fitness levels on deployment with his military unit, the TRX catalog has expanded into a comprehensive collection of simple, effective devices for motivated people at all levels of fitness. TRX' gear is available directly from the company's online shop and shippable anywhere in the world.

TRX follows the suspension exercise model, providing an effective workout with a Spartan collection of equipment, easily portable and usable almost anywhere. Kits are offered for amateurs, athletes, professional trainers, and the military. Ancillary offerings from the company include workout programs, smartphone apps, software, and DVDs.

TRX gear can help work any area in need of improvement, mid-season or mid-winter. Check out their site and see if TRX has something for your needs.

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