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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2010

Trek Ride+ is the Trek bicycle company's line of electric bikes. Few in number but diverse in application, today's Ride+ line includes four models of urban bike, from a pair of comfortable models for casual riders to a zippy city bike and an all-season commuter. All models are eminently practical, useful bikes for getting around.

All Ride+ bikes are kitted out with reliable, durable componentry sturdy enough for electric bikes, from beefy Bontrager tires to disc brakes to Shimano mountain drivetrains. Frames are aluminum, light and strong, and cleanly integrated with the motor. The electric system is quiet, powerful, and simple to operate; a stem-mounted controller offers a number of assist options available at the touch of a button, the motor is bottom-bracket mounted for stability and efficiency, and the batter is easily removed and replaced, making charging simple.

Assist motors range from Shimano to Bosch, each selected to fit its model's purpose. Accessory lighting systems are included on some models; fenders are included on many models; suspension on one; and a rear-mount kickstand on all.

With bikes designed and built by Trek and electric assist from some of the best manufacturers in the field, the Rie+ e-bikes are top-notch city transportation. Find them at any Trek-stocking shop in the world and give them a try.

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