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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:1977

Torker Bike Co. is a U.S.-based bicycle manufacturer. The current catalogue includes city bikes, practical tricycles, kids' bikes, recreational bikes for city and boardwalk, and unicycles. Available from retailers throughout the US.

Founded in 1977, Torker has had a long and varied history. Beginning with BMX, the company manufactured the first Haro bikes into the 1980s. Bankruptcy followed; the name was purchased by Seattle Bike Supply, which was in turn purchased by Accell. Today the range of bikes made under the Torker name is widely varied, with a bias towards the recreational or utilitarian cyclist.

Torker's city bikes are all meant for getting around, with a focus on function. Models include all-weather bikes with full fenders and simple gearlines, multi-geared drop-bar speedsters, and tough, curb-hopping bombers. Chainguards are common, as is upright seating. Steel is prevalent among frame materials.

Recreational models are meant for riders young and old, looking for a relaxing ride, with fat cruisers, slender townie bikes, and even a suspended model. Pleasure is the emphasis, with simple gearing, easily-operated hand and foot brakes, and relaxed rider position.

Kids' bikes run from 12" to 24" wheel sizes, with a bike sure to appeal to every young rider. Training wheels, mountain-style bikes, scaled-down cruisers, all appear in the Torker line.

Two trikes are available from the company. Extremely sturdy construction, large carrying capacity, and very low gearing make the Torker trike a sturdy industrial-use trike, with enough style to make a trip to the grocery a very pleasant one.

The unicycles are grand. Offered in two wheel sizes, the standard unis are ready to roll, fun, and a truly novel way to get around. Pros will like the epic TX, adding almost a meter and allowing the rider to be head and shoulders above the crowd.

Torker makes reliable, comfortable transportation in a broad array of styles. Stop by a Torker dealer and see if there's one for you.

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