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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:1983

Dr. Jack Greenlaw was the Founder of Bicycle Safety, Inc. All of our products were invented, designed and marketed by him over the last fifteen years.With one exception; the Bar End Mirror was invented by Malcolm Brown, a number of years ago, after the death of a friend who was hit by a car. Dr. Greenlaw was a Dentist. He and his daughter Dr. Julie Greenlaw practiced together in Walnut Creek, California. He was an avid Cyclist.

The Hard Shell Helmet Mirror was our first production model. Dr. Greenlaw, being a Dentist, first designed a bicycle mirror that clamped to a helmet made from an oversized dental mirror. He made them for family and friends. Like the good cook who is encouraged to open a resturant, he was advised to make them for the bicycle market. The original metal mirror was sold readily at a very high price. His suppliers were either unable or unwilling to deliver parts. It became obvious that we needed a mirror that could be produced in unlimited numbers. Also, at price that would permit all the players in the sales chain to be able to afford to handle the product. Suppliers have to eat, the employees have to eat, Distributors and their salespeople have to eat and Bike Shop people have to eat.

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