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  • Nationality:Australia
  • Year Founded:1995

The Electric Bicycle Company is an Australia-based manufacturer of electric-assist bicycles, tricycles, and conversion kits. The entire catalogue is available from their own showroom, in bike shops throughout Australia, and worldwide via the company's website.

Founded in 1995 as an importer of electric bikes, TEBCO has grown steadily to become Australia's largest e-bike manufacturer. With models from car-replacement trikes to folding commuters, the company's line provides for a wide range of riders, with conversion kits also available for those who wish to add power to their favorite ride.

The commuter bikes are nicely equipped, with racks and fenders, internal battery compartment, and a medium-power motor, offering a reliable 25km/h, sizes and styles sure to fit any city rider and ride. As with all of the company's powered bikes, no license is required.

The conversion kit works with nearly any bike. Installation can be performed by any careful bike owner, offering increased range and speed, with a battery recharge time of about two hours for a full charge from flat. Mounting options include rear rack and downtube positions.

The Transporter Tricycle is truly a car replacement. Built strong, its lockable cargo carrier can move heavy and bulky loads with ease, neutrally mounted between the two rear wheels; a heavy load will only increase stability. Standardized wheels, enclosing fenders, three-speed internal gearing, heavy-duty tires, and extensive seat adjustment make this an excellent and practical utility cycle.

TEBCO makes practical electrically-assisted cycles. Find them at a local shop and see how easy it is to make cycling part of your weekday.

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