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  • Nationality:Taiwan
  • Year Founded:2011

Tern is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of folding bicycles. A relatively new company, Tern has established itself solidly in the folding bike market in just a few years. The current catalogue includes folding bikes with wheels from 20" to 26", spare parts, tools, carry cases, racks, and carriers. Tern's bikes and gear are available from dealers across the world.

Started in 2011 by founders Florence Shen and Joshua Hon, Tern introduced their line to very positive reception. The company's designs have won awards every year, for both bicycles and accessories, the latter shared between Tern and its sister company Biologic. Terns have also won the Nocturne folding bike race three times running.

The folding bike line is comprehensive. Models intended for city, commuting, road, and touring are available, with extensive accessory packages and appropriate configurations. The Verge touring bike has front and rear racks and fenders, hub dynamo-powered lighting, disc brakes, and a sophisticated drivetrain with a very wide gear range. The sprightly Eclipse is a fast city bike, equipped with 26" wheels and Ultegra. Every bike folds up in ten seconds for easy toting.

Gear and accessories offered by Tern focus on practical use, with a range of weather and carrying options. Racks, baskets, fenders, lights and bags are offered in many styles and capacities. Tern's eco-friendly stance is represented in the one novelty available: the Tern Bottle Opener is a manufacturing reject, re-purposed.

Tern's bikes are sturdy, award-winning, stylish, and folding. Stop by your local shop and see if there is a Tern for your needs.

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