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  • Nationality:Australia
  • Year Founded:2013

Tanto is an Australian manufacturer of road bikes. A new presence on the scene, currently offering a select range of six models, spanning from single-gear fixies to fully-equipped touring bikes. Tanto bikes are available exclusively through their showcase shop, Velomania, in Sydney.

Founded in 2013, Tanto is a boutique operation, producing a small number of hand-brazed steel-framed bikes each year. The catalogue showcases six models; soon, the company hopes to offer custom bikes, as well as restoration services.

The current line consists entirely of drop-bar road bikes, classic steel, hand-brazed frames with fleur-de-lis lugs, each equipped with old-school gear, from clips and straps to a six-day racer saddle, and modern kit; combination levers, ten-speed cassettes, and the like. Kit options include single or multiple gearing, full-on touring accessory packages, and Shimano or Campagnolo groups.

The delightful aesthetic of the Tanto bike is visible throughout, from traditional geometry, visible in the dead-level top tube and raked fork, to the leather bar tape, perforated, of course.

Tanto bikes are rideable works of art. Should opportunity present, don't miss a chance to tour them properly.

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