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  • Nationality:Netherlands
  • Year Founded:1957
Having set out in 1957 as an ordinary cycle shop, Tacx has expanded to become an innovative business with a great passion for cycle sport. What Koos Tacx has achieved together with his wife, sons, daughter and staff, is absolutely worthy of congratulations. Thus Tacx cycletrainers have become part of the standard equipment of eight Pro Tour teams. Tacx will be found in this international racing pack with Team CSC, Lampre and Rabobank, among others. Furthermore, Tacx is the training mate for pros, amateurs and recreational cyclists in 54 countries around the world. Quality is and remains Quality is and remains a cornerstone in everything that Tacx does. Whilst in the early days of the cycle and moped shop components were already being manufactured in-house because they were better and cheaper than factory-fit quality, this "there is always room for improvement" mentality contributed to further development of the business. In 1972 Tacx started manufacturing roller cylinders on a production basis. This step was the start of a revolutionary development in cycle sport and heralded an extensive range of cycletrainers that conquered the entire international world of cycling. This success is due to Tacx's central location in the world. Thanks to their finely tuned feel for cycle sport, Tacx know at each turn when and where needs arise and what solution will be asked for. It is based on this insight that Tacx works on innovations that will be fully developed and ready for production at the exact instant that cycling enthusiasts are on to the next stage. At Tacx therefore it is their passion for cycle sport that constitutes the key to a successful business. Tacx, a company with Drive If you have managed to maintain your position at the top of cycle sport for so many years, it must be because you have something special. A passion for cycle racing and the drive to innovate are perhaps the most important factors, since whoever you speak to at Tacx, they all have their hearts in cycle sport and Tacx products. It is one big family with a great deal of drive for quality and innovation. From the germ of an idea to the end-product, all staff feel involved, regardless of what their job in Tacx is. This is why all the lights are on until late in the evening at Tacx on a regular basis and the car park is full at the weekend. That is, of course, if there is no cycling event scheduled that weekend. Creating opportunities, creating potential In cycle sport you need to create opportunities and make the impossible possible exactly the same as in business. From Virtual Reality and online races to water bottles, if Tacx people spot an opportunity, they will create the potential. As they did around 2000, when Tacx coupled computer electronics to their cycletrainers. A whole new way of doing cycle training made its appearance. Not only do Tacx enable information such as speed, power, rhythm and heart rate to be displayed on a monitor, they also introduced the Virtual Reality trainer. Take part in a real cycle race on your cycletrainer.
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